wedding proposal with diamond ring

Express Your Unique Personality With A DIY Wedding

There is something about a DIY wedding that sets it apart from those that are professionally done. Perhaps, it’s the fact that a DIY wedding is like taking a peek into the life of the bride, allowing guests to get to know more about her, and also the groom of course if he’s as much involved with the planning. So what are the steps in preparing a DIY wedding? Here are what you should do:

Step 1 – Set your budget

It’s a huge mistake to skip this part, even if you’re well-off and money is no object. Set the maximum amount that you’re willing to spend. You don’t want to start your life together worrying about debts or bills, right?

Step 2 – Choose the date

It would be nice if you can choose a date that holds a significant meaning for the both of you like the date when you first met or when you first said I love you to each other. Of course, the date you choose should give you plenty of time to plan. If you insist on having the wedding on the date of your anniversary, which is already next month, this will surely stress you out a lot.


Step 3 – Pick the theme and colors

This is the part where your personality will really shine through. Picking of the theme and colors would depend primarily on your personal taste, preferences and personality. For example, if you’re a beach bum and so is your groom, you should definitely tie the knot in a beach wedding or theme. A black and white color motif is perfect for the classy timeless taste that you have. Bright shades of tangerine and hot pink are suitable for the funky modern bride.

Step 4 – Buy your dress

Needless to say, how you would look that day would depend on how you want to look. Do you want your casual laidback self be admired by your guests? Then opt for a no-frill flowing dress that’s light and breezy. Do you want people to see your dainty and demure side? Don a sophisticated girly wedding gown with sequins and beads.

Step 5 – Make the invitations

Again, the invitations would also reflect your personality so make them according to how you want them done. For instance, let our your whimsical side by choosing playful wording. Say something like, “Yes, we’re finally doing it! We’re tying the knot! Excited, aren’t you?” If you have a more conservative personality, go for traditional wording like “We request the honor of your presence on this joyous occasion of our coming as one.”

Step 6 – Plan the music repertoire

The music to be played during the ceremony and reception can tell the story of your love or reflect your personalities. Choose songs that are not only meaningful to you and your beau but also pick those have lyrics you can relate to.

All these steps will ensure that you’ll have a wonderful wedding that will reflect your personality.