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DIY Wedding Jewellery from the London Jewellery School

I have been an admirer of the London Jewellery School from afar for a long time. I have a list of the taster courses that I want to complete as well as a hankering to have a go at the Tiara and Wedding Jewellery intensive course, so when I had the opportunity to give one of the classes a go, I absolutely jumped at the chance.

My chosen specialist (!) subject for the evening was fascinator making – which I thought would be great to sample for those of you out there that have weddings-a-plenty this year and want to save a few pennies by creating your own accessories (that will be me then).

The class was run by the lovely Gail from Florio Designs. Gail started up her own hand-crafted jewellery, fascinator and hat business after she enjoyed creating some of the details for her own wedding.  Though she is self-taught in her jewellery work, she attended classes to acquire her millinery, so it was encouraging to know that we too could be starting our journey to fascinator-making genius.

Here is one of Gail’s creations:

I am confident that I fall short of the prospect of achieving such creations by a long shot, but I certainly enjoyed trying….

These are some of the samples that confronted me when I arrived at the class:

The class is very messy. But in a good way. In a cutting and sticking at play-group sort of way {except you get feathers everywhere, rather than glitter}.

The method basically consists of sticking beautiful feathers in a variety of colours to some milliners wire – layering it up until you have enough feathers to either create a plume or be twisted into a flower-esque shape and attached to a comb.  Of course, this is the potted version.

It isn’t quite that simple, it is very sticky, feathers stick to your fingers and not the wire, instead of your ‘glue free hand’ you seem to have glue stuck to every single one of your digits. But it is fun, lots of fun, and very satisfying when you create a beautiful feather fascinator.

Once you have mastered the glue / feathers / pushing up the wire technique you are well away.  Gail told us that it is a great activity to do while you are sitting in front of the telly.  So I think my next attempt might take place in front of a dose of Eastenders. Though I won’t be going for any Pat or Peggy style inspiration!

So all-in-all I would thoroughly recommend exercising your creative side and having a go at one of the courses that the London Jewellery School has to offer. There are a number of courses that are ideal for brides-to-be but here are a few snippets of the highlights:

Make your own wedding rings – the perfect personal touch to your rings.
Recycle your Jewellery – ideal for incorporating favourite or old pieces of jewellery into your wedding day bling.
Hen parties – a great way to have fun with your friends and have a beautiful keepsake of the event. Particularly perfect if you (if you are organising it yourself) or your hen is into crafts.

So if this has tempted you, and you plan to become a  London Jewellery School student, come back and let us know how you got on! For people who want to take the direct route of buying a diamond, this article here may interest you:

Love, Yuri xoxo