grooming tips for the groom

Grooming Tips for the Groom

The wedding has traditionally been the bride’s day to be beautiful. The times have changed, however, and the groom’s physical appearance and grooming has come to matter more and more. For the men out there who are planning to tie the knot in the near future, do pay some attention to the following grooming tips so that you don’t fade in significance beside your radiant bride.

Be physically fit

It is better if you are to begin your trips to the gym months before your wedding. The reason for this is twofold. You want to be healthier when you enter the matrimonial state, and you want your tuxedo to fit you well.

Your bride is likely to go on a diet to fit into her wedding gown. Let it not be said by your guests that you are unfit to be the groom to such a lovely and fit creature.

Improve your overall appearance

Aside from wanting to lose some weight, you also need to improve on your general appearance. If you want to get a tan, then go vacation somewhere to get it, or you can just visit your local spa that will give you a tan after a few sessions.

Visit the dentist and get him to whiten your teeth and give you some dental advice. If you have bad breath, let the dentist treat this now for you don’t want pitying looks directed on your bride when your guests get a whiff of your bad breath the moment they offer you their congratulations.

If you’re wearing glasses, shift to contact lenses and enhance your baby blues or your emerald greens. If you have a beard, give some thought to shaving it off for the occasion, but only if doing so will improve the way you look. Once you do decide to shave your beard off, use shaving foam instead of shaving cream to avoid red rashes.

While at the men’s parlor, do get a manicure and a pedicure. Attractive hands make for good photo opportunities when you sign the marriage certificate. Do not hesitate in getting a facial, too, since it may greatly improve your skin’s clarity.

Sweating is not cool

You don’t want to have photos where you have sweat stains everywhere. Be sure to choose your wedding clothes well to give allowance for the heat and your nerves. You can also wear a cool cotton shirt underneath to absorb your sweat.