beach wedding

Tips and Tricks for Your Beach Wedding Décor

Beach weddings have become very popular these days due to the creative themes that you can come up with plus the ease that comes with simple and conventional decorations used in it. The environment itself offers plenty of decorations like seashells, tropical flowers, trees, rocks, and the white sand. Despite these simple and easy options, there are also plenty of things to consider when decorating for your beach wedding.

You should take note of the theme, the heat, the strength of the wind, the weather, and the sand when decorating. If the wind is too strong, some of the decors might be blown away or glasses and vases may tumble down and get broken. If there is too much heat, flower decorations might easily get dry. Of course, you need to consider the theme since your decors would depend on it.

Keep in mind the following things in decorating:

  • You can use shells to decorate the aisle where the bride will walk instead of flower petals. If you are going to use flowers, make sure they are whole and that the stems are still attached to hold the flowers down.
  • If the wedding is held at night, tiki torches may be used to light the place especially for Hawaiian themed weddings but be careful where you place them. Candles and small lamps could also be used to light the place and serve as table centerpieces at the same time.
  • If the wedding and reception is held in the morning when there is too much sun or there is a possibility for rain, you can use colorful umbrellas or tents in the venue. Big umbrella stands and tent posts could be decorated with vines and foliage to match other decorations of the event.
  • Sand sculptures are also great decors for the wedding instead of ice carving. A sand sculptor can recreate the bride and the groom or other objects of the sea like a dolphin or a treasure chest covered with sea urchins.
  • If you are one of those people who love photos, you can have several pictures printed in tarpaulins and use the tarpaulins to protect your guests from the sun or protect their meal from the sand. Make sure that the photo will also blend with the theme or complement the decorations.
  • A Caribbean or tropical themed beach wedding could use plenty of driftwood as decoration where you can hang shells, starfishes, and flowers. Wild orchids with different colors and birds of paradise would look great as if they are in their natural environment when on drift woods. They could also look like parts of a sunken ship where sea urchins had planted themselves on.
  • For pirate themed weddings, you may use anchors, swords, cards, and empty wine bottles for decoration. You can hang these on walls of the reception or around the couple’s table. Fill the wine bottles with sand so they will be heavier and will not tumble down easily. You can design the cards to make them look like they’ve been pinned on the walls by small daggers.
  • If you plan on using certain flowers for the wedding, consult with an expert as some flowers may not be available in the place or during the season. Some flowers like orchids and hibiscus are hard to find and you may need to spend extra cash in order to have them. Also consult the expert if these flowers could withstand the heat of the sun the whole day.
  • There are endless varieties of center pieces to choose from depending on the theme. Common centerpieces for beach weddings include bowls filled with different colors of gems and stones, vase of fresh tropical flowers, crystal bowls with white sand and marbles, pearls and seashells, huge bowls with floating candles, or mini sand sculptures.
  • Use white cloth in dining tables and as curtains as this color does not absorb much heat. This color will also make all the other decors stand out.

Aside from choosing the right decorations for your wedding, having the right ambiance is also important to make your wedding day light, stress free, and happy. Playing the right tunes could add a wonderful ambiance in your celebration. Some wonderful tunes for a beach wedding party include Caribbean music, old love songs, slow and soothing songs, and reggae beats.